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TrueSight IT Data Analytics

Smarter monitoring through data mining and analytics

TrueSight IT Data Analytics enables more efficient management of enterprise IT by using advanced analytics for predictive monitoring and rapid root-cause analysis.
  • Mines data from your servers, network, and security appliances
  • Includes a fine-tuned analytics engine that processes and delivers real-time insight into mission critical data spanning every corner of your enterprise network
  • Integrates event management and log and machine data for a holistic view of data center up time and resources

Don’t mask IT problems. Find and fix them.

Work smarter by using TrueSight IT Data Analytics to proactively identify and detect troublesome patterns on an ongoing basis and create alerts and reports to take action before your users are affected.

With application-specific dashboards and charts you can see the most important business KPIs right out of the box. Collect data in any of three ways:

  • IT Data Analytics agent
  • TrueSight Infrastructure Management agent
  • Agentless

With our preconfigured content packs, updated quarterly, you can start realizing value right way. Supported content packs include common applications and operating environments such as Windows, Linux, Citrix, Oracle, VMware, and many more.

Fast, flexible data insight for today’s IT

Efficient root cause analysis

  • Correlation of machine/log data
  • Increased service availability
  • Proactive notification of problems
  • Reduced risk of unplanned outages

Cost-effective usage model

  • Pricing based on the number of server end points
  • Seamless integration with other BMC solutions

Grows with your business

  • Collect up to one terabyte of data per day using a single server instance
  • Horizontally scale any of these components – search, indexing, collection – to include larger volumes of data

Improved staff productivity

  • Actionable insights and analysis
  • Manages ultra-large volume of data
  • Reduces IT time and effort spent reviewing logs

See the power of TrueSight IT Data Analytics in action

This three-part demo series introduces you to the ways in which IT Data Analytics, part of TrueSight Operations Management, helps you achieve faster, more precise root-cause analysis, improve staff productivity, and deepen business insight.

ITDA demo series, part 1 – Root Cause Analysis

Uncovering and Analyzing Root Cause

See how IT Data Analytics correlates huge volumes of data across multiple sources to quickly uncover the root cause of a problem and its impact. (6:32)

ITDA demo series, part 2 – Proactive Monitoring and Notification

Proactive Monitoring and Notification

See how simple it is to automate monitoring and issue notification to detect and resolve potential problems before they impact users. (5:35)

ITDA demo series, part 3 – Reporting and Dashboards

Using IT Data Analytics Reporting and Dashboards

See how you can track, forecast, and summarize log and event management data for ongoing business insight. (5:15)

“Now we don’t have to count on getting lucky and finding the root cause quickly. We have one place to go to get data across all the different servers and log files...What might have taken us four or five hours in the past now takes five or ten minutes."

— Vinod Cheriyan, DevOps Architect, BMC IT
Read the BMC IT story ›

Part of TrueSight Operations Management

TrueSight IT Data Analytics is an integral part of TrueSight Operations Management

TrueSight Operations Management

TrueSight Operations Management monitors complex IT environments and analyzes diverse data to deliver actionable IT insight that helps you solve business problems.

TrueSight Infrastructure Management

TrueSight Infrastructure offers early, accurate detection, diagnosis, prioritization, and resolution of service issues.

TrueSight Event and Impact Management

Simplify and consolidate event and impact management, improve service performance and availability, reduce operational costs, and minimize business risk.

TrueSight AppVisibility

TrueSight AppVisibility is an application performance management suite that monitors and manages packaged, mobile web, web-based and modern application ecosystems, from the infrastructure and code to the customer experience.

What Can BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics Do For You?

What Can BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics Do For You?
Check out the Infographic

TrueSight IT Data Analytics in Action

TrueSight IT Data Analytics in Action
Webinar: Watch these real world use case demos

A new approach for IT Operations

A new approach for IT Operations

Bill Berutti, President, BMC Performance and Availability, discusses the drivers and direction of IT Operations Analytics, use cases, and new initiatives in the ITOA Thought Leadership Round Table series.

Customer enablement

TrueSight IT Data Analytics Training

BMC offers role-specific IT training and learning paths for various professionals within your organization.

BMC Consulting Services

BMC consultants assist clients with everything from planning and building a first product implementation through complex, multi-product IT transformation.