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University taps BMC for robust batch processing across integrated systems

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Business Challenge

The University of Connecticut (UConn) relies on a sophisticated computing environment to support cutting-edge research and offer a broad range of academic choices. University IT Services (UITS) was tasked with integrating the Kuali Financial Systems (KFS) financial suite into a  distributed IT infrastructure that included an IBM® z/10® mainframe running z/OS®, and KFS servers running VMware® under Linux. This included ensuring on-time completion of 200+ critical Kuali batch jobs in a scheduling environment complicated by varying holiday, semester, and fiscal schedules.

BMC Solution

UITS uses Control-M for batch processing as a more robust alternative to the built-in KFS scheduling tool, and employs Control-M solutions such as Batch Impact Manager and Advanced File Transfer to drive efficiencies.

Business Impact

BMC solutions deliver the power, flexibility, and functionality required for UConn’s complex scheduling needs and enable UITS to readily absorb new technologies and adapt the IT environment to the changing needs of students, faculty, and staff.

  • The robust feature set and standard templates enable fast, efficient job creation and management.
  • The ability to quickly copy and adapt schedules facilitates scheduling across development, test, and production environments.
  • “What-if” capabilities allow staff to test drive workloads and simulate problems before production release to ensure reliable service delivery.
  • Visibility into the business impact of delays or failed processes helps the staff prioritize action for maximum efficiency.
  • The incorporation of standardized file transfers into jobs brings greater visibility, reliability, and security.

“Moving from the mainframe to distributed systems and Linux meant we faced a learning curve. But the way Control-M is organized—with templates, and multiple tabs, and a visual outline of each job—it makes the scheduling aspects simple and straightforward.”

— Nancy Flynn, Systems Programmer, University of Connecticut.

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