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As the world's economy grows more dependent on the timely delivery of digital information, the telecommunications industry is challenged with providing new and innovative services while ensuring core capabilities are delivered in a stable, efficient manner.

Any degradation in performance of mobile communications, or failure to deliver content, affects the economic power of companies that provide mobile services, and the consumers who use them. BMC solutions make it easier to keep up with consumers’ growing demand for fast, secure connectivity and services, while controlling the bottom line.         

Nucleus Research: Telecommunications Company Achieves 406% ROI with Control-M Automation

Telecommunications Company Achieves 406% ROI with Control-M Automation

Business drivers behind Telecommunications IT

With the mobile market nearing 100% penetration in many countries, carriers need to focus on retaining existing customers more than on acquiring new ones.


To offer just the right services at just the right time and price, carriers are leveraging big data technologies to analyze call pattern data to better understand their customers’ habits and predict their requirements.

IT challenge:

  • Effectively manage big data environments such as Hadoop
Solutions for managing big data:

As more businesses embrace cloud services, telcos are in a position to become cloud service providers as well as cloud carriers.


Whether businesses are looking toward Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Software as a Service (SaaS), telecom companies need to effectively deliver cloud services both internally and externally.

IT challenges:

  • Consistent governance across hybrid infrastructure
  • Central management of private and public clouds
Solutions for expanding cloud service offerings:

New trends in digital technology offer new revenue opportunities for telecom companies, but bringing new digital services to market can require high capital expense (CAPEX) investment.


In an industry where CAPEX and Operating Expenses (OPEX) are among the highest in the services sector, the ideal solutions need to help reduce the cost of IT operations without introducing risk.

IT challenges:

  • Reduce the cost of running the business
  • Ensure consistent, cost-effective compliance

Digitally-savvy customers demand constantly improving and differentiating services. Telecom companies are eager to deliver the innovative service bundles their customers’ desire.


Telecom companies are turning to mergers and acquisitions to source the technology and services that can satisfy their customers. Being able to integrate the disparate technologies and systems is a major challenge for the newly combined IT organization.

IT challenges:

  • Manage all data workflows regardless of platform, database, application, or location
  • Ensure delivery of a seamless customer experience
Solutions for IT integration: