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BMC Atrium CMDB 9.0: Foundation (WBT)

This online course provides the fundamentals for using the BMC Atrium CMDB 9.0 product.It describes the Common Data Model. It also explains the reconciliation and integration of data in the CMDB. Additionally, it introduces the BMC Atrium Core Console.

Major release:

BMC Helix CMDB 9.x

Good for:

IT Managers, Project Managers

Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 2.00 Stunden

Course Modules

  • BMC Atrium CMDB Environment
    • Configuration Management Database
    • Configuration Items in an ITIL® CMDB
    • Types of CIs in ITIL®
    • Federation
    • Consumer Architecture
    • Provider Architecture
  • Common Data Model
    • Defining Common Data Model
    • Navigating the Common Data Model PDF
    • CDM Hierarchy
    • Types of Classes
    • Extending CDM
    • How the CDM Works With AR System
    • Forms
    • Base Form
    • Join Form
    • Creating an Instance
    • BMC_BaseRelationship Class
    • Tools for Researching the CDM
    • Using the Class Manager to Manage the CMDB
    • BMC_BaseElement Subclasses
    • BMC_FederatedBaseElement
    • Atrium CMDB 9.0 Enhancement - Denormalized CMDB Data Storage (DCDS)
    • BMC_BaseRelationship
    • Denormalized CDM Classes Hierarchy
    • BMC_FederatedBaseRelationship
  • Reconciling and Integrating Data in CMDB
    • Importance of Reconciling CMDB Data
    • Tools to Reconcile CMDB Data
    • Purpose of the Product Catalog
    • How Does the Product Catalog Works With CMDB
    • Role of the Normalization Engine
    • Normalization Process
    • Normalization Statuses
    • How Does the Normalization Engine Help Reconcile CMDB Data?
    • Reconciliation Engine
    • How Does Reconciliation Engine Work with the CMDB
    • Accessing Atrium Integrator
    • Pentaho Enhancements
    • AI to AI Migration Tool and Workflow
  • BMC Atrium Core Console
    • Introducing the BMC Atrium Core Console
    • Navigating the BMC Core Console
    • Class Manager
    • Navigating a Relationship Table
    • Status of Classes
    • Deprecation Model
    • Creating CIs Manually
    • Creating Relationships Manually
    • Locating CIs
    • Filtering CIs
    • Query Builder Interface
    • Creating New Query Using Query Builder
    • Comparing CI and Relationship Instances