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See what you can be

Turn supply chain complexity into your competitive advantage with Control-M

Application and data workflow automation ensures all of the data-driven processes that power
today’s supply chain operations happen in the right sequence and at the right time.

By orchestrating workflows with Control-M you can address new uncertainties,
reduce risk, and accelerate business agility.

Control-M helps you calm the chaos of balancing supply and demand

Be part of the supply change

Respond to shifts, decide faster, and gain competitive advantage

Control-M Supply Chain

Every supply chain has its own digital twin; the series of invisible connections between different businesses, systems, and devices where materials and goods are replaced by data and applications. By ensuring processes and events happen on time and as expected in this digital realm, you can protect throughput and turnover in the physical world.

Control-M simplifies all your complex application, data, and file transfer workflows, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or across a hybrid cloud model.

From responding to demand signals to avoiding critical outages, application and data workflow orchestration gives supply-chain-driven businesses a new agility.

Aspiag Service

The Italian retail grocery chain reduced year-over-year product waste by an average of 5% across all food categories thanks to Control-M.

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The Hershey Company

With the support of Control-M, leading snack brand Hershey’s was able to increase job volumes with 60% fewer resources.

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Ingram Micro

Control-M is enabling the global leader in technology and supply chain services to do the work of 30 full-time personnel with a team of six.

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At the hub of the U.S. rail industry’s IT and data services, Control-M’s scalability is supporting a doubling of data volumes over three years.

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See what you can be with Control-M

Be up to speed

Increase observability across your supply chain

Control-M Supply Chain Informed
  • Gain a consolidated 360° view of supply chain application and data workflows
  • Achieve efficient end-to-end coordination

Always up to date
From raw material supply levels to point of sale data, Control-M ensures everyone in the chain has access to the data they need ready to make decisions—avoiding product waste and out-of-stock scenarios.

Be one step ahead

Improve predictability and respond sooner

Control-M Supply Chain Proactive
  • Anticipate and respond to demand signals
  • Quickly identify and resolve potential service issues across highly complex systems

Know what’s next
Control-M uses predictive analytics to automatically detect potential SLA delays. With extensive simulation capabilities, you can explore alternative scenarios to prevent conflicts and save time.

Be in the flow

Safeguard supply continuity

Control-M Supply Chain Unstoppable
  • Standardize application and data workflows inside and outside your organization
  • Manage information flow across your vendor-supplier ecosystem

All together now
Control-M helps drive out supply chain disruption by orchestrating workflows consistently between your manufacturing and distribution platforms, warehouse management systems, and other critical systems of record.

Be evolution-ready

Take on new channels and challenges

Control-M Supply Chain Adaptable
  • Empower operations and IT to handle more tasks
  • Adopt innovative technologies faster
  • Adapt to changing volumes of data and transactions

Get ready to grow
Whether small-footprint city store or online portal, every new channel means more data exchanges and application workflows. With Control-M you can scale up volumes of data and transactions without slowing down supply chain operations.

Turn supply chain complexity into your competitive advantage today