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IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) and AIOps

Combine operational analytics with artificial intelligence to identify and resolve problems faster

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) combines with Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) to collect, identify, and analyze data patterns to quickly detect problems and improve IT system performance and uptime.

Why IT Operations Analytics and AIOps?

IT Operations Analytics automates the process of collecting, identifying, and analyzing patterns, and is made even more powerful by leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to drastically improve service performance.

Data is the currency that guides and drives decisions and actions. Organizations need intelligent solutions that can transform data into meaningful, actionable information. The combination of ITOA and AIOps allows IT Operations Management (ITOM) teams to:

  • Proactively identify issues using AI and analytics integrated directly into their ITOM tools
  • Rapidly troubleshoot problems and reduce the time it takes to resolve them
  • Optimize system and application performance and guide business decisions through a single analytics platform


Troubleshooting and problem identification

TrueSight IT Data Analytics allows you to proactively identify and detect troublesome patterns in your data. With integrated IT analytics software you'll get better IT insight, right out of the box.

  • Collect, index, and monitor logs and events for abnormalities
  • Perform ad-hoc searches of all log data across the entire IT environment (on premises and multi-cloud) from a single console
  • Correlate log data with events and service models, or application groups

As a result, ITOM teams can:

  • Detect, prioritize, diagnose, and resolve service issues more quickly
  • Save successful prior resolutions and automate notifications to rapidly close common or known problems
  • Integrate event management, and log and machine data analytics for a holistic view of the entire IT infrastructure


Leverage machine learning to dynamically manage your infrastructure and applications

TrueSight Operations Management delivers end-to-end performance monitoring and event management. It uses artificial intelligence to dynamically learn behavior, and correlate, analyze, and prioritize event data so IT operations teams can focus on the most business-critical issues.

  • Gain insight with probable cause analysis, behavior learning, dynamic baselining, easy-to-navigate workflows, and visualizations
  • Discover behavioral and performance trends with automated event and log analytics, and prevent future impacts with proactive notifications
  • Understand application performance from an end-user perspective, discover root cause, and know the depth of impact using context and service impact models

Use IT process automation to reduce mean-time-to-resolution

TrueSight Orchestration coordinates workflows across applications, platforms, and tools to automate critical IT processes and take corrective actions that span your organization.

  • Reduce the risk of changes and increase stability and availability
  • Speed remediation and shorten windows of vulnerability
  • Reduce MTTR for most common service problems by 35%
  • Reduce service desk ticket volume by 30%
  • Cut manual work by 90%

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