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Proactive service resolution is the ability to find and fix problems before they can impact the business. BMC Helix, the first and only integrated ITSM and ITOM platform, enables proactive service resolution with the ability to discover, monitor, service, and remediate events as they occur.

Address your most critical issues in IT service and operations management

  • Event-based service resolution: Easily create an incident from any event
  • Infrastructure-based service resolution: Quickly find root causes and provide more granularity based on CI information
  • Impact model-based service resolution: Create impact models for greater visibility during service interruption and faster routing to resolve issues
  • Triage and remediation: Orchestrate actions to quickly remediate the events as they occur

Improve performance and availability while reducing cost and risk

Deliver fast, accurate, and secure asset visibility

  • See assets and dependencies in a single pane of glass, whether on premises or in the public or private cloud
  • Empower security operations to perform essential prevention and detection
  • Start mapping from any piece of information—software, hardware, or services
  • Reduce service outages with predictable change and configuration management
  • Automatically populate and update the CMDB in minutes

Deliver end-to-end performance monitoring and event management

  • Eliminate manual incident creation. Incident tickets are triggered when events are detected by your performance management solution.
  • Identify root cause and optimize ticket routing. Infrastructure performance issues trigger an incident ticket and associate it directly with specific configuration items in your configuration management database (CMDB).
  • Understand and communicate business impact. With defined service or application models in your CMDB, incident tickets are triggered whenever the availability of a particular business service is going to be impacted.

Enjoy predictive, innovative, and intelligent service management

  • Scale support and reduce costs through cognitive capabilities
  • See higher user satisfaction through fast and accurate service resolution
  • Broker incidents, changes, and releases across cloud providers

Automate vulnerability management for increased security, compliance, and efficiency

  • Remediate security threats by analyzing data from vulnerability scanners, identifying security exposure, and taking corrective action automatically
  • Get real-time visibility into patch deployments, misconfigured resources, missing patches, and exposed business services
  • Use simplified patching for rapid remediation of security vulnerabilities
  • Automate configuration testing and remediation for resources on AWS, Azure, and GCP to ensure cloud services and containers are managed consistently and securely
Solution brief:

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