Partner iLearn FAQ's

Q. How do I login to iLearn@bmc?

A. In order to access to the new iLearn@bmc system, you must first “SUBSCRIBE”. Even former users of SABA must re-subscribe to activate their new iLearn@bmc account. Please click “SUBSCRIBE to iLearn@bmc” or contact for assistance.

Q. What if I forget my password?

A.  You will need to GO HERE to reset your password.  If you have any further questions please contact for assistance.

Q. I am unable to login. What do I do?

A. Please contact for assistance.

Q. Is iLearn@bmc the same as SABA?

A. Both SABA and iLearn@bmc are Learning Management Systems (LMS).  Effective November 28, 2011, iLearn@bmc replaced SABA as BMC’s primary Learning Management System (LMS).

Q. Will the courses I took in SABA appear on my transcript in iLearn@bmc?

A. Yes. All of your historical course data has been migrated to iLearn@bmc but you must still SUBSCRIBE to activate your account.

Q. What types of courses are available to me in iLearn@bmc?

A. There are several types of learning objects that are available in iLearn@bmc for BMC Partners.

  • Online Classes are your typical web-based training (WBT) courses. These often consists of videos, WebEx recordings, narrated slides, and more.  For example, there may be online classes that are a pre-requisite for any Instructor Led training courses. 
  • Events are your typical Instructor Led training classes. Each event may offer multiple sessions, and may be live or online.
  • Curriculums are what BMC often calls Learning Paths. They consist of a list of required and optional Learning Objects that the learner will complete over time.
  • Libraries are like subject matter folders that already contain training material and courses for a particular subject area, such as Cloud Computing.
  • Postings are Knowledge Bank items that have been posted on iLearn. Note that Knowledge Items are items shared in the Knowledge Bank for informal learning and ongoing collaboration.
  • Materials may be books, DVD’s, manuals, policies and other materials. On-the-job training items in iLearn area also considered to be Materials.

Q. I have taken courses through BMC’s Education Services department (registered via ViewCentral). Will those courses appear on my iLearn@bmc transcript?

A. Yes. Your transcipt from ViewCentral with automatically update the iLearn@bmc transcript on a nightly basis.

Q. I am able to login but am unable to launch a course. What do I do?

A. Please contact for assistance.

Q. How do I view my iLearn@bmc transcript?

A. Click on the Learning tab at the top of the page. All active training items you have registered for are listed. You will see the learning item title, type and status. Status can be Registered (not started), In Progress, Incomplete, No Show, Pending Evaluation or Completed. Your iLearn transcript is comprehensive and includes all previous activities from SABA, ViewCentral and any new activities from