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ASP Training FAQs

  • How do I access my course materials?

    BMC provides eBooks for all courses. Our eBook provider (Gilmore) will send an email to you with complete instructions for viewing your course materials. The Lab Guide is included in the eBook.

  • How do I access my virtual lab environment?

    BMC provides a virtual lab with your ASP course. Details for accessing your virtual lab environment will come in a separate confirmation email sent by our Remote Lab partner, ReadyTech, from the address get-support@readytech.com. The ReadyTech email contains a link to the ReadyTech self-paced portal.

    The type of lab time (fixed or flex) and the number of lab days/hours varies by ASP course. The course abstract contains full details. Please review the Course Abstract information prior to purchasing an ASP course. Specific details about the type of lab and lab days/hours is also included in the course registration confirmation email. Vouchers must be redeemed prior to the voucher expiration date. No lab access will be available once the Voucher Expiration Date has passed.

  • When does my Lab time expire?

    The number of lab days/hours available to you vary by ASP course. This information is included in the course abstract. Please review before purchasing an ASP course. Specific details are also included in the course registration confirmation email and can be viewed in the ReadyTech Self-Paced portal under the Lab tab.

  • What is Portal Access time?

    Standard ReadyTech lab:
    Portal access time is defined as 28 days from the day the Voucher is redeemed.

    ReadyTech Axis lab
    Portal access time is defined as 28 days from the day the voucher is redeemed.

    All lab time must be completed within the defined lab portal access window.

  • What do I do if I get stuck in a virtual lab?
    1. Log in to BMC Academy and check the Curriculum to see if there are any additional documents with recommendations or best practices for the lab.
    2. If you have problems during your lab exercises or you don´t know how to move forward in your lab, please post the question in the BMC product community and make sure that you start the Posting with “ASP”.

      Example Posting: ASP: How do I turn on the Search feature in Remedy 8.0?

    3. If the issue is urgent and needs to be resolved ASAP or you don´t receive a reply to your community post within 48 hours, please contact education@bmc.com and explain the issue via email.
  • How do I schedule an appointment with an Instructor?

    BMC provides scheduled time with an instructor as a part of your ASP course. Please send an email to ASP_Support@bmc.comrequesting a scheduled appointment with an instructor. The number of instructor hours available to you varies by ASP course. Please verify this information prior to purchasing an ASP course. The course abstract contains full details.

    Instructor Appointment Details:

    • Once an appointment is confirmed, the allotted time is scheduled as requested. There are no add-ons or extensions.
    • If more time is needed with the instructor than was scheduled, the student must request another appointment via the ASP email.
    • The minimum appointment time is 30 minutes. Any unused minutes in an instructor scheduled session are considered consumed and will be deducted from the student’s allotment of minutes.
    • No Shows for instructor appointments – the scheduled minutes will be deducted from the student’s purchased minutes.
    • BMC technical difficulties, such as a Lync failure, will not be counted against the student. The student should email the instructor at the scheduled time if the instructor cannot be reached via Lync/Skype.
    • Unused instructor time is considered lost time – no exceptions.
    • Scheduled instructor time must be used within 90 days of registration date.
  • What if I need to change my Instructor appointment?

    Reschedule requests must be submitted at least twenty-four (24 hours) in advance of the scheduled appointment time. Send an email to ASP_Support@bmc.com containing the details of your original appointment and a request to reschedule at your earliest convenience. This will allow us to reassign your session.

  • How do I post questions in the BMC Product Community?

    You can ask any product-related question in the community. If you have course-related questions, please make sure that you start the subject with “ASP:” BMC instructors and course developers can quickly identify your course-related questions if you use the ASP prefix.