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Custom Education and Adoption Services

Ensure implementation success with customized training and enablement

With our experience across hundreds of implementations, BMC standard training content is already rich, up-to-date, and optimized for all types of learners. However, if desired, we can customize training based on your specific business processes, application customizations, roles, and learning objectives.

Discover how customized education services can accelerate your success

Training just for you with licensed and tailored content


Your business and learning goals are unique, and a customized training program can improve the time-to-value of your technical solutions.

  • Licensing content allows you to host and deliver BMC-developed training within your company's own learning management system for centralized training usage and completion reports
  • Standard or customized BMC courses can be customer-branded using customer logos, templates, colors, etc.
  • Standard courses can be tailored by removing content not relevant to the specific customer deployment, shortening the seat time per person and reducing licensing costs
  • New, fully customized content takes tailoring a step further, with customer-specific processes, screenshots and simulations

BMC manages the complete process from scoping the requirements, to providing a storyboard with the planned solution, developing custom content, and delivering the full solution in the required format

Customer story:

Targeted education to reach your business goals


You don´t need to find the path to optimal education yourself. BMC Education can guide you with a customer-specific education plan. The plan is based on a detailed Education Needs Analysis specific to your organization, which includes:

  • Identifying job roles
  • Defining required skills per job role
  • Completing technical skills assessments to identify current skills per job role and individual
  • Defining required education steps (training, workshops, coaching) based on the difference between required and current skills
  • Reviewing education goals and success criteria which may include accreditations and certifications for a specific solution area to develop competencies and improve solution proficiency

A custom education plan can ensure your teams develop valuable skills as you increase innovation and further leverage BMC solutions.

Positively influence employee adoption and reduce technical support requests


Education Adoption Services include communication, training, and demonstration materials to influence a positive user experience and accelerate adoption success. BMC Digital Workplace Acceleration Service helps IT and company leaders show, tell, and reinforce the value and benefits of BMC Helix Digital Workplace (hosted and on-prem versions) and ensure users acquire the skills required to be effective.


  • Speed time to deployment – Accelerate manager and employee adoption through solution education and change awareness
  • Simplify training – Easy, professional, and customer-specific end-user training which can be scaled to any organization size
  • Reduce costs – Eliminate unnecessary technical support requests and keep BMC Digital Workplace rollout on time and on budget

Key deliverables:

  • 5-10 minute fully customer-specific video to demonstrate value and benefits of the solution to focus on the change management aspect
  • 1-2 hour web based training (out-of-the-box or customized) to enable users to effectively leverage all functionalities

The same adoption services are also available for Smart IT, Smart Reporting, and other BMC products.

Contact us to explore your licensed, tailored, and custom training options.