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BMC AMI Ops for IMS (formerly MainView for IMS Management) provides IMS and DBCTL monitoring, performance tuning, reporting, cost allocation, and automation—all from a single, consolidated point of control.

Insight on the health, performance, and availability of IMS

  • Reduce the risk of costly outages by identifying and resolving IMS and DBCTL problems before they affect end-user service levels
  • Measure workload performance and database contention across IMS systems and IMSplexes
  • Find a clear path—quickly and easily—to the source of complex application performance problems

Track problems to their source in record time and automate recovery

Gain visibility and actionable insights across IMS systems

Systems Programmer
  • Extensive call tracing: Debug performance problems with call tracing that covers elapsed time, return codes, and I/O information
  • IMS hotspots reporting: Know which mission critical BMPs, transactions, or applications are performing badly before they impact the business
  • Recon datasets (DBRC) support: Set alarms on the status of the datasets, identify if I/O errors are occurring, and see other metrics associated with the RECONs
  • MS DBA support: Identify the last image copy, be proactively notified of any EEQEs, identify if they are recoverable as you move to HALDBs, and see real-time updates about any important database

Clear, real-time monitoring for lower risk and lower cost

  • Simple, accurate chargeback: Recover the costs of your IMS services by tracking detailed usage information for bill back to your customers
  • Faster problem resolution: Integration with BMC AMI Data for IMS tools identifies the precise time and logs required to speed problem remediation.
  • Optimized resource usage: Detects looping tasks including BMPs, MPRs, and MPPs and based on user specifications, resets, dumps, or cancels the resource that is negatively impacting availability
  • Versatile security options: Secure your views, services, and commands either with easy-to-administer internal security features or with an external security manager
  • Historical reporting and analysis: Compare historical and current data and build reports in CSV format for easy publishing and use by third-party products
  • Actionable intelligence: Recommendations of which applications should be preloaded takes the guesswork out of scheduling

Easily maintain healthy IMS environments

  • Integrated IMS commands: Manipulate IMS resources directly from the BMC AMI Ops interface, including the ability to purge users, without the need to remember complex IMS commands
  • Out-of-the-box automation: Take advantage of built-in automations to solve common problems, and then start building your own with a user-friendly, code-free interface
  • Central, web-based interface: Enjoy the convenience of a user-friendly, web-based GUI that consolidates information from all of the BMC AMI Ops products you run

Getting started with BMC AMI Ops for IMS is easy