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Get the most out of your DevOps tool chain by optimizing the mainframe developer experience. Give your development teams access to the modern tools they are familiar with using BMC AMI DevX Workbench for VS Code.  Empower your next generation developers to choose the tools they love to boost productivity and deliver innovations more frequently and faster.

Reach your full DevOps potential by leveraging VS Code extensions

With access to modern development tools, organizations powered by the mainframe can easily change and maintain their mainframe investments to deliver new innovations faster and more frequently to their end users.

Leveraging modern tools enables organizations to attract new developer talent and speed their productivity. BMC AMI DevX Workbench for VS Code provides developers a frictionless, visually intuitive experience to quickly and easily make changes to code and debug.

According to an IDC survey commissioned by BMC*, a growing number of organizations are actively modernizing the mainframe experience.

82.2% of organizations

82.2 percent want to align the DevOps toolchain and share tools across their infrastructure.

5 out of 10 organizations

Five out of ten say the mainframe should be able to leverage existing compute people, processes, and tools.

*A Mainframe Inclusive Approach to Your DevOps Strategy, IDC, July 2022.

Optimize the mainframe developer experience

Modernize the mainframe developer experience

BMC AMI Dev Workbench Explorer
  • Quick access to mainframe resources using the Host Communications Interface (HCI)
  • Easily connect to the mainframe server to search and filter data sets and members
  • Browse and edit code using locking mechanisms, then save changes to the mainframe
  • Automatically download copybooks and refresh on demand
  • Quickly perform various data set and member operations- delete, rename, allocate, refresh, recall etc.
  • Submit Job Control Language (JCL) and monitor job status using Job Explorer

Efficiently debug mainframe applications with the touch of a button

BMC AMI DevX Workbench Code Debug
  • Perform batch debugging of COBOL, PL/1, C, and Assembler programs
  • Specify loadlibs, DDIO and log data set in debug configurations
  • Execute common debug operations – Watch variables, conditional breakpoint etc.

"As mainframes continue to play a pivotal role in high performance transaction processing, BMC Software is working to include mainframes into end-to-end DevOps. As a leader in this space, BMC are deserving of this award.”

- Alan Shimel, DevOps.com

DevOps Dozen Winner 2023

See how you can analyze and edit mainframe programs quicker and more efficiently.