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BMC Compuware Topaz Connect

Connect mainframe software to modern IT processes and applications

BMC Compuware Topaz Connect bridges the IT systems that manage mainframe applications with the modern tooling used to manage non-mainframe applications, eliminating siloes that can disrupt innovation.

By connecting the mainframe to disparate platforms in the enterprise, companies can track processes for mainframe applications in the same manner as they do for other hardware and software platforms.

  • Eliminates siloes created by lack of integrated tooling, enabling faster delivery of business value
  • Maximizes enterprise IT automation by reducing disparate manual processes
  • Leverages existing IT service management (ITSM) investments
  • Includes the mainframe in DevOps processes
  • Enhances process efficiencies
  • Enables mainframe-inexperienced programmers to manage mainframe code
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Leverage existing tools and investments

Topaz Connect allows developers to:

  • Connect BMC Compuware ISPW and ITSM solutions such as BMC Helix and Tivoli
  • Communicate specifics of an ITSM code change to BMC Compuware ISPW
  • Use an ITSM solution to track progress of the workflow right through to deployment
  • Access legacy source code management tools via BMC Compuware Topaz Workbench to execute required functionality
  • Develop customer integrations between mainframe resident processes and off-platform applications

Getting started with Topaz Connect is easy