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BMC Certified Associate: AMI Ops for CICS® 7.x for System Programmers Online Exam

BMC Certified Associate

Online Exam

BMC AMI Ops for CICS® is a fast, intuitive performance management monitoring solution with intelligent, proactive automation for managing traditional CICS and parallel processing environments.

BMC AMI Ops for CICS® enables you to tune, manage, and automatically take actions before disruptive and highly complex digital business workloads impede the smooth flow of business. As a result, you can quickly and easily troubleshoot problems, track critical metrics on mainframe performance, and prevent service disruptions with automated recovery and notification tasks.

The BMC Certified Associate: AMI Ops for CICS® 7.x for System Programmers Online Exam will validate the technical competencies needed to understand and use the processes under the BMC AMI Ops for CICS® solution.

Major release:

BMC AMI Ops 7.x

Good for:

System Programmers

Course Delivery:

Online Exam | 2 Stunden

Steps to Certifications

Step 1.  Take the recommended courses for the Certified Associate learning path. Purchase the required exam (attempts).

Step 2.  Study and prepare for the exam. BMC recommends 6 weeks and also a minimum of [3] months experience with the product before taking the exam.

Step 3.  Take and pass the exam.

Step 4.  If you have failed the exam, purchase another exam attempt and start at step 2.

Examination Details