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BMC Compuware COPE 19.x: Fundamentals Using (WBT) 

Creating and maintaining multiple IMS development and test systems is hard. BMC Compuware COPE virtualizes IMS systems, so new development images of IMS are available nearly on demand, significantly reducing the cost and delay associated with creating new IMS subsystems.

This course presents content using web-based and video modalities. In these lessons, the students will learn the fundamentals of COPE, a tool we use to create and maintain multiple IMS development and test systems.

Major release:

BMC AMI DevX 19.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 1 Stunden

Course Modules

  • Environment Variables
    • Demonstrate the fundamentals of COPE
    • Understand how to create and maintain multiple IMS development and test systems
  • Define Logical Systems
    • Explain the definition of COPE logical systems from the initial COPE installation tasks menu
  • Data Transformation
    • Explain how to perform transformations to IMS data, COPE, and MFS name translation data, and internal PSB and database definitions
  • Translate Function
    • Illustrate use the Translate function to reveal common resource names as COPE names and also, the other way around, to display COPE names as common resource names
  • Perform a Trace
    • Understand how to perform a trace and view the information that this trace generates.