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Control-M for Mainframe 20.x: Fundamentals Control-M/Tape Using (WBT)

This comprehensive course focuses on Control-M/Tape and its components and architecture. It also covers the stages of the tape management conversion process and the modes of the ControlM/Tape implementation process. A focal point of this course is to learn about Data Facility

Management System (DFSMS), External Data Management (EDM) interface, Automated Tape Libraries (ATL), Virtual Tape Systems (VTS), and Control-M/Tape Utilities.

Major release:

Control-M for Mainframe 20.x

Good for:

Administrators, Consultant, Operators, Mainframe Operators, Schedulers

Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 2 Stunden

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Control-M/Tape
    • Products in the Control-M for Mainframe Family
    • About Control-M/Tape
    • Components of Control-M/Tape
    • Architecture of Control-M/Tape
    • Interacting with Other Control-M Products
    • Example of Control-M/Tape
    • Interacting with Control-M Restart
  • Working with Control-M/Tape
    • Major Components of Control-M/Tape
    • Control-M/Tape Rule Definitions
    • Control-M/Tape Media Database Definition
    • Identifying Volumes
    • Identifying Datasets
    • Minor Components of Control-M/Tape
    • Overview of Control-M/Tape Online Facilities
    • Rule Definition Facility
    • Rule Definition Facility: Table List and Rule List screen
    • Rule Definition Facility: Creating Rule Definitions
    • Rule Definition Facility: ON Statement (Selection Parameters)
    • Rule Definition Facility: Deleting a Rule
    • Pool Definition Facility
    • Pool Definition Facility: Table List and Pool List Screen
    • Vault Definition Facility
    • Inquire/Update Media Database Facility
    • Inquire/Update Media Database Facility: Media Database List Screen
    • Inquire/Update Media Database Facility: Volume Update Panel
    • Inquire/Update Media Database Facility: Dataset Update Panel
    • External Volume Check-In Facility
  • Preparing for Control-M/Tape Implementation
    • About the Implementation Strategy
    • Modes of the Tape Management Conversion Process
    • What is DFSMS?
    • About DFSMS
    • External Data Management Interface
    • Automated Tape Library
    • Types of Tape Libraries Interfaces
    • Interacting with Automated Tape Libraries
    • Virtual Tape Server
    • Importing and Exporting in VTS
    • Control-M/Tape Repository Files
  • Upgrading to Control-M/Tape
    • Global Test Mode
    • Preparing for Global Test Mode
    • Activating Control-M/Tape in Global Test Mode
    • Monitoring Tape Management Reports
    • Global Phased Mode
    • Global Phased Mode: Activating and Monitoring
    • Global Production Mode
    • Activating Control-M/Tape in Global Production Mode
    • Conversion of Tape Management Data
    • Conversion from CA-1
    • Conversion from the MVS Catalog
  • Control-M/Tape Utilities
    • Control-M/Tape Database Utilities
    • About the CTTIDB Utility
    • CTTIDB Execution Modes
    • TYPERUN Parameters
    • Activating the CTTIDB Utility
    • About the CTTMUP Utility
    • About the CTTRTM Utility
    • About the CTTRPT Utility
    • About the CTTRTB Utility
    • About Stacking Solutions
    • Resolving Duplicate VOLSER