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BMC Helix Control-M: Education Enterprise Product Subscription

BMC Helix Control-M is an innovative offering based on the market leading BMC Control-M Application Workflow Automation solution for multi-cloud workload orchestration.

The content of this online education subscription will walk you through the essentials of Cloud and SaaS solutions and their benefits, introduce you to BMC Helix Control-M, focusing on key tasks and activities to successfully operate and configure BMC Helix Control-M, for example; planning and monitoring workflows. The content also includes interactive sessions and hands-on simulations to experience the user interface.

IMPORTANT: Self-Paced Training (SPT) courses contained in this subscription are comprised of a course instructor video that includes a demonstration of recorded lab exercises.

Major release:

BMC Helix Control-M Any

Good for:

Administrators, Consultant, Schedulers, Developers

Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT), Online Exam | 10 Stunden

Learner Objectives

  • Explain the essentials of Cloud and benefits of SaaS
  • Describe BMC Helix Control-M
  • Plan and monitor workflows in BMC Helix Control-M
  • Configure system settings and workflow governance in BMC Helix Control-M
  • Define and monitor File Transfers
  • Use Automation API for BMC Helix Control-M
  • Use and configure BMC Helix Control-M Application Integrator
  • Use and manage BMC Helix Control-M Reports
  • Describe and create Viewpoints
  • Use User and Role Authorizations
  • Use User Advanced Site Standards
  • Describe the Administrator functionalities in BMC Helix Control-M
  • Describe and install plug-ins in BMC Helix Control-M

Subscription Courses

Offerings for BMC Helix Control-M 21

  • WBT Course 1: BMC Helix Control-M: Fundamentals Viewpoints
  • WBT Course 2: BMC Helix Control-M: Fundamentals Administering
  • WBT Course 3: BMC Helix Control-M: Fundamentals Plug-ins

Offering for BMC Helix Control-M 20

  • WBT Course 1: Cloud Foundations (WBT)
  • WBT Course 2: Helix Control-M: Fundamentals Concepts (WBT)
  • WBT Course 3: BMC Helix Control-M: Fundamentals Using (WBT)
  • WBT Course 4: BMC Helix Control-M: Fundamentals Planning Workflows (WBT)
  • WBT Course 5: BMC Helix Control-M: Fundamentals Monitoring Workflows (WBT)
  • WBT Course 6: BMC Helix Control-M: Fundamentals Administering System and Workflow Governance (WBT)
  • WBT Course 7: BMC Helix Control-M: Fundamentals Managed File Transfer (WBT)
  • WBT Course 8: BMC Helix Control-M: Fundamentals Automation API (WBT)
  • WBT Course 9: BMC Helix Control-M: Fundamentals Application Integrator (WBT)
  • WBT Course 10: BMC Helix Control-M: Fundamentals Reporting (WBT)
  • Certification: BMC Certified Associate: Helix Control-M Online Exam

Offering for BMC Helix Control-M 20

  • WBT Course 1: BMC Helix Control-M: Advanced User and Role Authorizations (WBT)
  • WBT Course 2: BMC Helix Control-M: Advanced Site Standards (WBT)