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Leverage automation for world-class data management enabling 24x7 availability, greater resiliency, and the agility needed to provide a transcendent customer experience.

Transform the management of your Db2 databases

Increase availability, improve performance, and ensure secure recovery of your critical data assets.

  • Eliminate downtime and ensure 24x7 availability of critical business services
  • Backup and recover data assets to drive greater resiliency and reduce operational risk
  • Optimize your data for accuracy and improve application performance
  • Ensure the integrity of structured and unstructured data
  • Foster efficiency between Dev and Ops teams to create and collaborate using the most timely and accurate data available
  • Make safe, secure changes to data, understand the impact of those changes, and enable greater agility

Effortlessly manage growing amounts of data while providing full availability and driving greater resiliency

Know your data is always available and business-critical applications are always running


Ensure highest availability so your business can run at peak performance to best serve your customers and provide them with the flawless, superior experience they deserve.

  • See measurable results: 10% improvement in application performance; 6% reduction in MIPS consumption; and for files previously unable to be reorganized, a 90% boost in query response time
  • Quickly diagnose performance problems and track them to their source
  • Perform reorganizations faster, with fewer resources and zero downtime
  • Avoid cumbersome reorganizations and costly CPU upgrades by making the most of your existing resources

Safeguard your data and manage your critical assets safely and securely


Drive resiliency for your business and your critical data assets, and manage them in a safe and secure way, while ensuring data integrity so you can continually and confidently meet your customers' needs.

  • Accelerate and streamline your backup processes
  • Recover from a disaster immediately, with no loss of data integrity
  • Establish automatic backup and recovery jobs to lessen the impact of disaster
  • Simulate and estimate disaster recovery scenarios to plan for resource needs
  • Reverse damaging changes to your operational data, no matter how they were caused

Enable an agile organization that is built for the Autonomous Digital Enterprise


Better manage your data across the organization so critical teams like Development and Operations can easily and quickly get what they need and make the changes they need in order to be agile and deploy new applications faster and better for your customers.

  • Reduce the time required to administer complex and disparate Db2 environments
  • Automate routine tasks throughout the application lifecycle for improved integrity
  • Improve productivity with simplified Db2 catalog navigation and change management
  • Enhance application availability by performing changes and maintenance with minimal outages
  • Foster greater efficiency between Dev and Ops teams to create and collaborate using the most timely and accurate data available
"With BMC AMI Recovery for Db2, we can clone our data in hours rather than weeks and have no problems with data consistency afterwards. So, we develop our software with greater accuracy and entirely problem free, on more agile systems.” — Ronny Schneider | Head of Db2 Databases | HUK-COBURG

Getting started with BMC AMI Data is easy