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BMC TrueSight Server Automation: Explore Subscription

BMC TrueSight Server Automation Explore Subscription provides free access to overview courses and other learning materials for a 12-month period.

If you need more than an overview about TrueSight Server Automation and you want access to all training and certifications, select BMC TrueSight Server Automation: Ultimate Subscription which includes on-demand overviews, instructor-led and virtual training, assisted self-paced training, hands-on labs with practical exercises, expert coaching and even certifications.

The major benefits of the subscription are:

  • Get More – Continuous access to entire education portfolio for one product including all courses and certification exams
  • Future Proof - New content and latest releases automatically added at no additional cost so your subscription is always up to date
  • Ease of Use – One-stop-shop to a complete product portfolio of education

This is an annual subscription and is regularly updated and changed, without notice, based on product updates, improvements, and additions. During the duration of the subscription, users will have access to the latest content without incurring additional fees or being subject to additional registrations.

**Note: Starting with version 8.9.03, BMC Server Automation is renamed to TrueSight Server Automation. This content is appropriate for all 8.0-8.9 versions and product names.

Major release:

TrueSight Server Automation 8.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT), Instructor-Led Training (ILT), Assisted Self Paced (ASP), Online Exam, Video | 4 Stunden

Learner Objectives

  • Gain an overview of TrueSight Server Automation
  • Understand architecture, components, features and functionalities of TrueSight ServerAutomation
  • Navigate through the health dashboard
  • Explore the Live Reporting dashboard
  • Explain the advantages of using TrueSight Server Automation

Subscription Courses


  • WBT Course 1: BladeLogic Server Automation 8.x: Overview (WBT)
  • Lesson 1: Introduction to BMC BladeLogic Server Automation
  • Lesson 2: BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Curriculum
  • Video 1: Security Operations with BladeLogic Portal
  • Video 2: Using the Live Reporting Dashboard
  • Video 3: Auditing Server Objects
  • Video 4: Patching
  • Skills Assessment: BMC TrueSight Operations Management Skills Assessment

New subscription services

  • BMC TrueSight Server Automation: Ultimate Subscription provides continuous access to introduction training material, free of charge, for a 12-month period.
    See details >