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What's New in Mainframe Solutions

Learn what’s in our July 2022 release

Featured Innovations

  • Deliver mainframe applications more frequently and faster with higher quality leveraging industry standard DORA metrics.
  • Shorten your MTTR using Webhook Notifications for fast resolution of abends, faults, and defects in Test and Deploy.
  • Automate certificate management on your mainframe, ensure controlled access, eliminate manual errors, protect uptime, and speed up application deployment.
  • Gain even more control over mainframe costs and resolve issues even faster.
  • Migrate to Db2 13 with confidence with BMC AMI and BMC Compuware portfolios of Db2 management solutions. Learn more.
“DevOps teams require metrics to understand their current state and drive continuous improvement, and the DORA metrics have become industry standard. Failure to measure DevOps metrics for mainframe applications prevents organizations from fully realizing the benefits of DevOps because the slowest link determines the overall speed to deliver. Organizations should know their metrics and leverage automation to improve upon them continuously.” — Katie Norton, Senior Research Analyst, DevOps, IDC

React faster to changing customer needs

BMC Compuware zAdviser delivers four new KPI dashboards to improve development teams’ performance and efficiency using industry-standard DORA metrics to improve customer satisfaction, acquisition, and retention:

  • Deployment frequency: Measure how frequently your development teams are deploying to production
  • Lead time for changes: Know how quickly new or updated code can be deployed once it’s committed
  • Mean time to recovery (MTTR): See how quickly your teams recover from an interruption due to system/deployment failure
  • Change failure rate: Identify how often changes and deployments lead to failures

BMC Compuware zAdviser KPI Dashboard for DORA Metrics

Continuously improve application development by benchmarking deployment frequency, lead time for changes, service interruptions, and deployment failures.

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Reduce service interruptions & recover faster from mainframe application failures

BMC Compuware Abend-AID with Webhook Notifications improves the developer experience with alerts containing root cause analysis and detailed diagnostics to shorten MTTR.

  • Automated trouble ticket creation: Set up trouble tickets via Webhook Notifications into BMC Helix ITSM, Jira, ServiceNow, or other
  • ChatOps for abend resolution in test: Alert team to an abend/defect in testing so developers can immediately resolve and restart the test
  • Direct notification: Webhook Notifications enable direct notification of high impact production issues in Slack or Teams on developer’s web or mobile devices before even receiving a trouble ticket

Receive Direct Notification of High-impact Production Issues in Slack or Teams

BMC Compuware Abend-AID

Improves the developer experience, efficiency, and productivity with alerts containing root cause analysis and detailed diagnostics to shorten MTTR.

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Automate certificate management on the mainframe

Prevent malicious use of connections in and out of the mainframe, ensure controlled access and automatically remediate threats using BMC AMI Security's new integration with Venafi.

  • Implement automated certificate management and connect the mainframe to the enterprise
  • Prevent compromise at the certificate level before an attacker can gain the access needed to conduct a devastating attack such as ransomware
  • Protect your uptime by eliminating certificate-related outages on applications
  • Speed application deployment by automatically securing keys and certificates without breaking DevOps practices
Automate certificate management on the mainframe

Control mainframe costs & shorten issue resolution

Controlling costs and keeping your mainframe running without delays or downtime is paramount for infrastructure that supports critical business transactions. Our newest release of BMC AMI Ops has even more built-in automation to help further regulate mainframe costs and shorten the time it takes to resolve service issues.

  • Gain more control over hardware TFP cost with enhanced reports on MSU utilization
  • Resolve issues even faster than before with new charts available in a single click that provide instant visuals of system health so you can focus immediately on the worst problems
  • Get increased flexibility to schedule tasks when you want them to occur with new, additional scheduling options
  • Automate mainframe tickets and enable efficient ticket handling, tracking, and reporting in one location through a more streamlined, point to point integration between AMI Ops and BMC Helix ITSM
Control mainframe costs

Boost database DevOps velocity, agility, & availability

The BMC AMI Data for Db2® Release 13.1 is now generally available and includes new features and functionality for improved velocity, agility, and availability. Including 70+ products from the BMC AMI Data for Db2 and BMC AMI DevOps for Db2 family, along with the entire BMC Compuware portfolio, BMC provides Day One Support for IBM® Db2® 13 for z/OS®, focusing on agile development, application performance, intelligent utilities, and automated recovery. Learn more.

Boost database DevOps velocity

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